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Bitcoin Blade Erupter Eligius Setup

I use a Corsair 600 Watt ATX Power Supply to power my Blade Erupters for bitcoin mining. You can use a Molex Power Connector or SATA Male Power connector to connect the ATX power supply to your blade's green, 4 wire, phoenix power connector. Just clip the connector wires and plug them into your blades power connecter.

BE SURE to conect the polarity correctly... the +/- indicators are on the back of the blade's board. You will be using 12V from your power supply. That means the YELLOW and BLACK wires are being used on the connectors.


Blade Erupters do not come with fans... so BE SURE to provide a very good cooling solution. Otherwise, your blade will self-destruct from over heating. I use a small 6-Inch 2-Speed Fan running on High, to cool my Blades.

Network Connection
Blade Erupters have a single ethernet port for network connectivity. I use a wireless connection to my blades through a  NETGEAR WGPS606 54 Mbps Wireless Print Server with 4-port Switch. I configured the WGPS606 on my wireless network and plugged ethernet cables into the back ports to my Blades.

Eligius Setup
I am running a Stratum Proxy server for my Blade Erupters. The Stratum Proxy runs on a PC at on my network.
Just Google "Stratum Proxy download" and you can download a copy (from to run on your network.
If you don't want to run Stratum, you can run GBT protocol on the Eligius pool.
NOTE: Stratum is much faster and more efficient than GBT, so definitely run Stratum if you can.
On Stratum proxy, your Blade Erupters should see efficiencies in the upper 90s percent range.

Below are the Eligius settings that run on my Blade Erupters.
Notice that I have my stratum proxy settings as the primary and as the secondary settings for the server addresses. That is for failover protection... if Stratum goes down, then GBT will take over.

NOTE: sometimes when trying to change settings in the blades in Internet Explorer, after clicking the Update/Restart button, you may need to click your browers refresh button a few times to get the settings to save. I do not have this issue when using Google Chrome.

Screen of one of my Blade Erupters, showing the Eligius setup settings.

Total MHS: 10906
Received: 0000306978
Accepted: 0000305049
Per Minute: 149.12
Efficiency: 099.37%
Up Time: 1d,10h,05m,39s

Current Server:
WEB Port
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS
Server addresses


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